Privacy policy

In operating its website (hereinafter referred to as the “Site"), CREATIVE NEXUS INC. makes every effort to respect customer privacy, give due consideration to and carefully protect personal information, and exercise proper management of such privacy.

1. Use of Personal Data

CREATIVE NEXUS INC. uses the personal information of its customers primarily to provide information on its services, improve its future activities on the basis of customer opinions and requests, and answer questions.

When CREATIVE NEXUS INC. gathers personal information for purposes other than these, the purpose of such collection is clearly stated, and can be confirmed by the customer.

2. Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties

CREATIVE NEXUS INC. does not disclose or assign customers' personal information to any third party, or provide it with such information except when

  1. A legally authorized third party requires disclosure of such information;
  2. The customer himself or herself agrees to such disclosure, assignment or provision.

3. Use of Cookies

The Site uses cookies for the ease and convenience of customers in revisiting the Site. The use of cookies does not infringe on customer privacy.

4. Scope of the Application of this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is applicable only to the Site. CREATIVE NEXUS INC. accepts no liability whatsoever for the protection of personal information in other sites linked to the Site.