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Cool Japan
(COOL JAPAN – Discover Cool Japan –)

This program sets out to discover “cool" Japanese culture. “Cool" Japanese culture is currently gaining attention in the world. The show hosts a group of foreigners who are new to Japanese culture who look for Japanese “cool" and engage in heated debate based on video footage. At the end of the show the “best of cool" is selected from among the specific cool topics. Using the fresh perspective of foreigners, this program discovers the secrets and appeal of cool Japanese culture.

  • NHK-BS1 Sundays 18:00 to 18:44 /
    Every Thursday 14:00 to 14:44 (Rebroadcast)
  • Also available on NHK-on-Demand.

Gretel no Kamado
(Introducing sweets with stories and histories)

This program explores the topic of sweets in an elegant, gentle and soft manner for modern “Gretel" busy with work and child-rearing or who want to find relaxing time for themselves. These are some of the sweet stories the program delivers….

  • NHK ETV Fridays 21:30 to 21:54 /
    Following Thursdays 12:25 to 12:50 (Rebroadcast)

Shigoto Hakkenden
(Experiencing Dream Jobs)

In this program, TV personalities get a chance to work a job they once dreamed of and experience a life that could have been. The challengers are not merely reporters but rather are fully immersed in their work as an employee.

The host companies give serious instruction no matter how popular the challenger may be on television. Some break down and cry as their pride is shattered. Others find new talents that they had never known.
Above all this program shows in a direct way the real pleasure that can be obtained from the work and the abilities it requires as the personalities earnestly meet their challenge.

  • NHK General TV Thursdays 22:00 to 22:48 /
    Following Wednesdays 16:05 to 16:53 (Rebroadcast)

Sekai Fureai Machiaruki
(Strolling along the streets of the world)

Each episode of this travel documentary show introduces a city from somewhere in the world solely from the viewpoint of a camera. There is no reporter, only a camera that shows the perspective of walking around the city. The day is spent in conversation with people encountered on the street.
The aim of this program is to provide an illusion to the viewers so that they will feel that they are walking around the city. With discoveries waiting behind every street corner, the viewers slowly fall in love with the city through the explorations in the episodes.

  • NHK-BS Premium Every Tuesday 20:00 to 20:59 /
    Every Friday 0:00 to 0:59 (Midnight Thursday)
  • Every Tuesday 08:00 to 08:59(Rebroadcast)

Nippon Hyakumeizan
(Introducing the charm of mountaineering)

With the lead of experienced mountain guides, this program displays the fascination of mountain climbing using point-of-view video that makes the viewers feel as if they are climbing the mountains. Aerial shots and 3D maps are also used to further convey the appeals of traveling the mountains from many angles.

  • NHK-BS Premium Mondays 19:30 to 19:59

Shukan News Fukayomi
(Weekly News Highlights)

  • NHK General TV Every Saturday 08:15 to 09:28

Dai Tamesue's Winning Theory

In this fresh show Dai Tamesue decodes sports in terms of strategy. The guest this time around is Kazuhito Sakae, coach of the Japanese wrestling team. He reveals his own theory of athletic development that helped him to coach four Olympic medalists including Saori Yoshida who won three consecutive Olympic gold medals. The key concepts are motivation and a heart that's determined to win. There are in fact theories that underlie the communal life and practicing methods. The secrets behind the nurturing of Yoshida are now revealed after her three Olympic victories as well as backstage episodes of her struggles.
[Caster] Dai Tamesue

  • NHK-BS1 Every Sunday 20:00 to 20:45

Maasa no Heya e Yokoso!
(Welcome to Maasa's room)

  • NOTTV1 22:00~23:00

Totsugeki at Home
(On-the-spot Home Visits)

  • NHK General TV Every Saturday 20:00 to 20:43


SHA-NERU is an SNS-linked program where themes that concern modern women such as work, love, friendship and family are discussed in a frank manner based on pictures and comments posted by ladies in their 20s and 30s. The program is led by model Ai Tominaga and two guests are featured for each theme.

We are waiting for your submissions!

  • NHK BS Premium Every Monday 23:15~23:45

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